Is anal sex really that bad?

Whenever it comes to trying different positions of having sex, majority of people think of traditional positions including doggy style or missionary position or cowgirl position having women on top. These and many other positions have been relevantly used more than other advanced positions, however, anal sex is something which has not been much into practice.

anal sex

Unlike our Private girls in Perth, not everyone is comfortable in the very first go when they listen about their partner’s wish of having anal sex with them. Be it their health conscious thoughts or a fear of trying anything for the first time, women are hesitant towards trying this position.

When we say that girls are hesitant enough to try out this new position, this does not mean they don’t want to get the experience. They are shy about trying it but parallel they are even inquisitive about trying it with their companion. So, here we are with some informative insights which can help you to try anal sex with your partner:

  • Anal sex, without a doubt, is the safest position to try in order to stay away from the complications of pregnancy and alongside is the most exciting way of having sex. However, unlike vagina, you need to lube it up so that the experience for your partner is not rough. Role of lubes are known to all, so in order to make the path a bit slippery for penis, lubricating anus is must so that it is comfortable for both.
  • Anus is much more sensitive than you think and thus making her relax mentally is the key of enjoying this position. Massage her and try to create comfortable environment for her by losing her muscles so that penetration of penis is easy and she can handle the pain much more significantly.
  • When you are in action mode and ready with your penis to enter her from back, don’t just directly jump onto the action. Foreplay has known to be crucial factor of sex and even here it has its own implications. Use your fingers or tongue to get her the feel of anal sex and once you feel her getting the vibe, then you can start your job.
  • Like cowgirl position, anal sex is all about women’s demand and control. Make sure that you are in continuous talks with your female partner about the pace and whether it hurts her much or not. Doing it the hard way is now known to reap good results in case of anal sex and thus, we would advise to let your women control the act.
  • However, this position is safe when looking at the complications such as pregnancy; one should not ignore the use of condoms. Even adult services Brisbane endorse using condom to be safe from various STDs.

Anal sex can be one of the most stimulating acts of sex for both of you when done correctly or else it can become a night mare for your partner and you might not get a chance to try it again in life time. So make your first impression the best one.