Pornography is a word that is familiar to maximum, that uses the Cyber-world of Internet and lives in this sex life. Because according to one of the survey 60% of the people searches for the pornography material on the net at a time. Many are making a huge amount of money by serving these pornographic materials to these searchers.

Pornographers use specific tactics to target the male and female markets according to the dramatic differences in male and female brain structure, and how each views sexuality and intimacy differently.

So coming to the topic that what is sex? Pornography is the sort of images of sexual activities or an intercourse between the sexes. This can be served by either films, magazines, or can be served by internet.

This pornography is almost ready for those who are interested in seeing or reading it, everywhere around them. Pornography has the power to ignite the inner fire of the human immediately when used first time. It can excite the inner feelings of human and helps them in turning on for sex instantly.

It can also in some cases behave as a sex medicines and pills that are used to excite the human organs. Some of the married couples make the use of this pornography for making the changes in their routine life. Pornography is the thing by which many of the people feels much better after utilizing it in different ways.

According to one of the survey maximum number of people creates it a habit of seeing or reading pornographic materials regularly and in some cases daily, after using it once.

They feel much better and relaxed after using it. They actually do not have an idea of its negative side effect that can be caused. They just become habitual of it. Pornography simply acts as an alcohol or drugs for them and these people get addicted to it. They even feel depressed and stressed when they can’t find it.

What is the Cause of Increasing Pornography?

Cases of porn addiction are increasing due to the fact that the porn materials are now available freely and easily. It can be internet, DVD, CD, or can be magazine or a novel which is making availability of pornographic materials easy.

This increment can be seen more in past 6-7 years due to increasing craze of internet among youngsters. One of the causes of increasing pornography is also some type of physical problems and disorders in the partners due to which they are unable to turn on and get ready for it.

They always need some medicine for turning on. And in many ways pornography has served the purpose well.