Kama sutra is nearly a 2,000 years old book that delivers great sexual knowledge for couples who want to get into better relationships by better sex making. This is more about sexuality and relationships between the sexes. Although sexual positions are one of the main sections of this book, it is not merely a book of illustrated sexual positions that contains nude photos of models.

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra is more about seduction, setting the right mood, romance, and trust between the couples and much more. This is about how to add true adroitness to your lovemaking. This is for those who not merely want to enjoy the sex, but desire to get expertise in love and sex making.

Originally written by great Vatsayana in Sanskrit, this book is republished and rewritten by number of writers and explains similar techniques and tips to enjoy the most exciting part of life, which is known as sex. The techniques and postures depicted in this ancient book are just fantastic and cannot be found at any other place.

I highly recommend this great Kama sutra for every couple who desire to enjoy better sex through better postures and sex making techniques. This is for the people who are not just looking for only “SEX”. Although this book is about sex but it focus more on whole world of etiquette surrounding male female relations.

There is a special section about Virgin Women and about devirginizing a woman after the Marriage. It is more about building strong relationship with the help of better sex making. But it is not at all, about one night stands.

People who are looking to get a better relationship advice rather than only getting sex advice need this fantastic source which explains all the sensitive sex postures to attain maximum pleasure. This is a book that is a translation work rich in pictures of Indian sex art.

Kama sutra is not merely the photos of nude sexy models. So just get some fantastic Kama Sutra books and enlighten your life with better sex making. This will tell you completely about how you can natural satisfy your partner with all that your partner needs to have and desire for.

Different sections that are involved in Kama Sutra are as follows:

First section describes about how to be attractive and how to attract your partner most. Having bathe before meeting your partner and trying out the things that will help you get your breath smelling better. Also try to clean your place where you will be having all the enjoyment.

Then there is a section that tells about various positions, hugging, kissing, scratching and oral. Also explain about better sizes of men and women and about the positions which will help in better sex.

Then there is all about how to negotiate an arranged marriage. It’s about how to devirginize your women and about how to gain her trust and comfort level. However this is not so useful nowadays and doesn’t apply to most marriages or devirginizations today.

Also there is a special section for the ancient Courtesans. There are kinds of etiquette for prostitutes that should be followed and followed by the section that deals with sneaking around with other men’s wives.