Generally believe that sex toys are only meant for having pleasure singly or for masturbating. But sex toys can be a brilliant tool that can also help to enhance your relationships. Whether you are want to enjoy pleasurable moments with your friend or you want to enhance your marriage relationships, sex toys can be very beneficial for you.

Sex Pillow

Sex toys can also be defined as the items that provide visual stimulation. Explore new levels of pleasure with sex toys and you will find that you will have much more fun and excitement than ever before.

Here are 5 types of sex toys that are common in use and can enhance your overall sexual experience. These may include vibrators, dildos, various accessories, outfits, sexual furniture, etc. Sex toys do not include condoms, birth control pills and preventative items.

1- Dildos and vibrators – These are the most common form of sex toys that comes in mind when people talk of sex toys. These are especially designed to replace a man’s natural anatomy. They can be dealt manually and can be controlled all the way. These are available in various forms such as long, thin, thick, stubby, etc. Dildos and vibrators are generally the same with the only difference that vibrators have added feature of vibration.

2- Lingerie and other sexy outfits – Men are generally visual creatures. They love to watch and adding a sassy outfit like sexy lingerie to your wardrobe can make your night more adventurous. Also check out some creative Halloween clothes and make your evening special with your partner.

3- Sexual furniture – This is a category that may include wide range of items like pillows, swings, furniture items, etc. Swings are very common form of sexual furniture and are especially designed for providing unique sexual experience. There are many styles, designs and sizes of swings available for you. You can get them differently according to your room size. Also there are special furniture and pillows designed for extra support of the back and hips during intercourse.

4- Upper body and Rear entry toys – Upper body toys are just meant for focusing on single upper area. These are like nipple clamps, blindfolds and gags. Just try out some and find what works for you best. Rear entry toys on the other hand are used for most taboo areas of adult play. Anal experiences with some great vibrating anal plugs, inflatable anal balloons and larger insert able items can be tremendous.

5- Sex games – these are meant for extra creative people who love playing games. Check out an exciting adult board game. The cards and dices that are made dirty will enhance your pleasure and will prepare you to have most enjoyable foreplay like never before. Ball gags, ankle restraints, collars, etc. are some of the other form of adult enjoyment sex games that are available.