Pornography is only imaginary and is not real. The images and content you see in the pornographic materials are based on only fantasies, which can only be utilized in exciting the feelings of human. It instantly turns on man and woman by providing rapid erection in men.

Pornography being totally imaginary and having no connections with the actual sex activities at all can affect the person using them, adversely in their mind. Pornography is totally believed to be full of fantasies and does not correlate with the actual human feelings “which the sex actually is”.

Penny Flame

Penny Flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a recent research done recently in USA it is clear that if a person watches, reads or use pornography any way for one hour in a week or less, it does not have negative effect on person’s marriage life. While using pornography for 10 hours or more can affect adversely the person’s life, giving them stress, depression, etc. when they could not get it. They can always be in depressed and stressed position for being habitual to it.

The person reading or seeing the pornographic images keeps themselves in the world of fantasy and they are enjoyed to their utmost in remaining there. They totally forget about their partners, they also don’t mind that who is there with them during enjoying the sex and the sexual activities with their partners.

Most of the guys and men over here are very much keen on one night stands so a woman who is up for one is going to be welcomed by most men.

Large number of men seems to look “no further” as far as the relationship goes, after this as they think that there is no thrill in chasing a woman that they have already slept with. Very few of the men may also be there who will think positively about a woman who had a one night stand with them however large number will not consider a serious relationship down the line.

During the one night stand, sexual partners see each others as a “piece of meat” and after filling their tummy like a ‘dog’ they leave each other, with no serious relationships left behind. The only people that usually get hurt by one night stands are those who are expecting more than just sex out of them.