Painful Sex – What are the Real Causes

Sex is the part of important activity which every man and woman experiences in their life. It provides relaxation, comfort and much ease to the depressed body.

But when not performed well, it could be uncomfortable to woman or man or may be to both. There could be many factors responsible for making sex an uncomfortable and painful.

Painful Sex

Improper Foreplay

Foreplay is the most important factor which makes sex enjoyable or painful. Proper Foreplay can help a lot in enjoying comfortable sex.

As an un-stretched penis can cause pain for men and less lubricated vagina can cause pain for women, it is important that both the partners should be at its heights of getting orgasm and both of them should be ready for the deep penetration which can be enjoyable or painful.

Aiming at best sex this foreplay should be done with proper touching and kissing. If you keep on these things you will definitely go on smoothly without feeling any pain during sex.

Vaginal infection in women

Several infections  in vagina of women are common and can make sex painful for them. You must be having any vaginal infection if you are feeling pain during sex.

But if you are not sure of the infection, consult your Gynecologist. As some of the sexually transmitted infections can also cause vaginal discomfort during sex, creating major problems afterward you should not overlook the problem. You can avoid these infections in vagina to a great extent by using condoms.

Improper Lubrication

Woman’s natural lubrication can be reduced in several conditions like breastfeeding or boozing. So to take full pleasure with ease and comfort you should use various lubricating products available in the market.

But you should avoid using oil based products such as moisturizer and Vaseline if you are using condoms as these can be hard on condoms and can damage them. Instead you can go for popular water-based brands such as KY Jelly, Liquid Silk, Wet, and Probe.

Use of Harsh products

As vagina is a very sensitive area for women; it can be easily infected by using strong perfumes and soaps or by bubble bath. It can also be irritated by using nylon panties and tight fitted jeans and trousers. So you should keep a good care of it and use mild and comfortable products.

You can avoid the problem of soreness by using mild and un-perfumed soap for washing the vagina gently and then apply some mild talc and use cotton panties. Because all the hard thing your vagina can handle is a big male ‘Penis’ and nothing else.


It is a problem created due to tightening of the vaginal muscles. In this situation penetration becomes difficult, much painful and also can be impossible.

The problem that causes this is generally psychological. This is also caused due to sexual anxiety and stress. Therefore in some cases a vaginismus affected person may need to have proper counseling to help resolve the problem.

Pain of deep pelvic

Pain in deep pelvic areas is also one of the causes of painful sex. This pain can be caused due to various reasons and is usually caused deep inside the vagina and not at the entrance of vagina.

Many times this problem is caused due to inflammatory diseases, which can also cause infertility problem if not resolved soon. It is therefore better for you to meet your gynecologist if you are having such symptoms or pains.

The most important thing from all these discussions leads to the fact that sex shouldn’t hurt, but sex should be fun.  So be careful, mild and playful for a comfortable and less painful sex.