Oral Sex- What it is and how it is done?

Oral sex is the topic which everyone can’t feel to talk freely and comfortably. Many of you may totally feel discomfort able with the oral sex or Bj or Fellatio. Many of the people I saw complaining about feeling week muscles of mouth after the oral.

One of my friend said about it “my mouth muscles used to feel weak and tired and I used to feel sick after trying to deep-throat him.”  If you are the one who also feels the same you should practice more and more and not think of just giving this up because you feel very tired and discomfort able.

English: A man and a woman performing mutual o...
English: A man and a woman performing mutual oral sex in the 69 position. Deutsch: Mann und Frau beim beidseitigen Oralverkehr in der 69-Position. Português: um homem e uma mulher na posição 69. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what Oral Sex actually is and how is it done?

Oral or Bj (Blow Job) or Fellatio is an oral sex performed upon a penis to get more pleasure. Fellatio is a word of Latin “fellare”   which means to suck. Oral is basically used as a part of foreplay or to induce orgasm and ejaculation.

Oral is also defined as giving or receiving oral stimulation to the penis, the vagina or the anus. Oral sex in women is known as cunnilingus and that is stimulating a woman with the tongue into her vagina.

It is believed that oral sex is safe and therefore also known as “safer sex”. But the fact is actually a myth. Oral sex has a risk involved in it and can transmit HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The risk of diseases increases when people who inject drugs and share needles deals in oral. Also the risk is even higher in serodiscordant couples where one partner is HIV positive and the other HIV negative.

However unprotected oral sex is safer than the unprotected anal and vaginal sex but there are also risks involved with it. The U.S Disease Control (CDC) classifies it as high risk behavior.

So be prepared and start your enjoyment with the most important part of the foreplay which is known as oral sex. But as many of you may not be ready or comfortable with the “Blow Job” you should make yourself ready and feel comfortable before trying it out. There are also many of the things you should know about the oral before going for it.