Kama sutra composed by Vatsyana in fourth century explores all the sex concepts and better sex making techniques. Kama Sutra Step By Step Guide follows original texts by Vatsyan. It is a brilliant art work for all the modern couples that in scripts about how to satisfy all the essential needs of life by practicing erotic Kama. Kama sutra teaches you the art to maintain lifelong intimacy through the arts and techniques of ancient sex making.

Kama Sutra Step By Step

For centuries Kama Sutra has been serving as a benchmark for sexual advice and sex positions. The step by step guide with all the illustrated photographs allows couples to explore better ideas and techniques of sex making. These photos allow the couples to get the most out of every technique so as to build better and stronger relationships.

Thrill your mind, body and soul and get the best sex making techniques with Kama sutra. Experience the galaxy of pleasures and excitement with Kama sutra. You may have never experienced such excitement and spice in your life before.

Kama sutra is a guide that teaches you the pleasure art and sexual etiquette. From how to take bathe before sex making to the art of making love after the intercourse all is explained very well in the guide.

The Modern Kama Sutra – Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure

Kama Sutra is the most popular and oldest work on erotic pleasure that was ever created. It is about two thousand year old work which interprets original Hindu sex classic features of 40 most prominent sexual positions. Well illustrated by stunning color photographs, each sexual position are easy to follow. It also has all the step by step instructions with their difficulty ratings.

Kama Sutra Step By Step

Modern Kama Sutra Ultimate Guide satisfies all the requirements of sex making and is beautifully designed keeping in mind the pleasure from both a man’s and woman’s perspective.  From slow to very fast and from gentle to intense, all the sex positions fulfill the needs of every couple.

Moreover there are separate chapters to explore about the body; senses, mood, sex making, oral sex, foreplay, and offering very creative ways that bring new level of joy to every couple. The enhancement of eroticism you feel in lovemaking is just tremendous by applying the techniques and positions explained in these chapters.

This is a must have book of Kama sutra for all the couples they need to keep at their bedside. You will surely refer to it again and again to practice new sex position and to get more and more pleasure every single night. Modern Kama sutra is undoubtedly a need of modern lovers.