If talking about sex is tough for you, start with little innuendos, say something a little suggestive. You may be little bit shy with these kinds of talks but you will enjoy it and become use to after one or two when you enjoy them the most.

“You look hot in that lingerie” or “your hair looks great”, “do you like the way that feels?”, secondly hold your breath and try to talk more sexy and more privately.

sex talks

If you´ve never done it try to start slowly saying things like: “I love the way you kiss me and especially when you kiss me there!”

“It really turns me on when you look at me like that”, “oh yeah, you like that, dontcha?”, “do you want me?”, “say my name when you do that”,

If you experienced a good sexual time, comment on it the next day. “I liked last night, especially…that one”

Then feel the hotness and start with again, “use your mouth on me, I want to feel those sweet lips all over me”, “I love the things you can do with your tongue”, “do you really wanna know what I really want? let me show ya!”, “you taste so good”

For the girls who think that their boys are big enough to protect them may start flattering their boys by talking about their big body. Most of the boys turn on when they are likely to be given the perception that they are the protector part. So why not saying: “come here big boy”?

They will feel glad when you like to feel unique so why not saying something like: “you have never ever turned me on like you do this night”?

Comment his body parts; tell him how it pleases you, how much you love it! Challenge him: “show me what you can do. I know you’re man enough!”

Then try out harder and harder when you both are on and your clothes are off. It´s not dirty enough? So try things like: “I want you to ride me hard”, “I want the feeling of your lips on my…”, “yeah, I´m loving it, do it harder and deeper into me”,” come on hun, put your tongue inside me”, “and put that big c**k inside me and f**k me.

“Dig me up without mercy at all”, “make the hottest part of me scream out with pleasure”, “slide in… slow, baby, do it slow. Let me feel every inch of you.”, “Which way do you want me?”…

Well it seems that you are getting into mood and the SEX TALKS should be stopped here. But I think there is something for everybody who wants to talk dirty! Do not stop at all, at those funny, enjoying and hot nights. Be original and be confident. Be yourself and enjoy the art of talking sexy and enjoy every part of it.

Once you feel comfortable press on to more intimate talk. Talk about how intimate you feel with each other and what you can do to increase intimacy.

You can also take the help of free porn while you are with your partner. So this time when you are on with your partner don’t miss out to take pat into those sexy sex talks which will enhance your relationship, understanding and happy married life.

Next time when you are with your girl on her bed, say her name slowly into her ears, a little seriously and romantically and see how the magic begins that night. See how fantastically she responds to you and you will be surprised enough to see the actions.

If you are not good enough and do not feel confident about the sex talks, simply ask your girl some romantic and serious questions, of course in a sexy romantic way.

Ask her about how does she felt? How comfortable she was with you? What more she want to you to do?

All of these questions will make her happy and feel like you are caring for her feelings. Also these simple questions will help your ongoing sex talks and you can build up your own sex talks as you grow up in it.

This way you can never end up doing and enjoying effective sex talks with which you can have most pleasurable moments of your life with your partner keeping your romance alive forever.