It is said for women that masturbation is the only best method for women to discover their sexual body.

Through this they can easily explore their body and can learn all about their clit, G-Spot and other erogenous zone that are meant for sexual pleasure. Once they know how to reach climax and satisfy themselves all alone, they can also most probably show their partner the best methods for satisfying them.

Nude woman ready to masturbate with a vibrator...

Nude woman ready to masturbate with a vibrator. Français : Femme nue prête à se masturber avec un godemiché. Íslenska : Nakin kona fróar sér með gervilim. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the latest stats that makes you surprise, about 50% of the women and girls only orgasm by masturbating. As masturbation for girls is the best method to discover what they actually want to satisfy themselves.

How Girls Masturbate?

Today girls and women masturbate in many different ways. This helps them provide them provide the real sexual pleasure with actual excitement which they are seeking. This activity may include gentle massage on clitoris with their hands or fingers, rubbing the vulva with hands, pillow or any find of soft things such as soft toys.

Many of the Women are found to much more desirous than men and also find it enjoyable to use water spray, vibrator, dildos and many of the sex toys to stimulate their G spot and clitoris region down there.

Here they get the actual sexual pleasure which they are looking for.

Actually vagina appears to play a limited role in the female masturbation, but vaginal insertion is by no means rare or unusual.

Infact when vaginal stimulation is used its often used in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. You can also employ the nipple and anal stimulation effectively for getting the sexual pleasure.

What really plays a major role in woman´s masturbation activities is the Fantasy. The brain is supposed to be the largest and most important sexual organ of humans. Therefore physical stimulation alone is frequently not sufficient to trigger orgasm.

If you are a single you can also masturbate using the sex toys available for women. This may control your feelings to have a sex and you can to a great extent control your thirst of having a sex. Some of the girls also use some sort of the vegetables, with lubrication, which are in the shape of male penis like the red carrots.

You can also enjoy more if you do not masturbate single. Because men also masturbate even being married you can also have that fun. It’s a sexual pleasuring moment between you and yourself and it feels so good…

You can also invite your partner to play a role in it. Ask him to touch your hot body or to just watch you fingering. Men usually love to watch it and gets excited.  It work great for turning them on fast!

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