Today we are talking about masturbation, which I think is a great topic for youngsters whether boy or girl. Because Boys and girls in their very early ages may not know about it but they become familiar with it as they grow up and some become use to it to control their sexual excitement. It’s like an exercise which 90% of men and boys do it, but only 45% of women and girls try it regularly.

So whether you are just started up with your sexual life and you wanted to know more about it, or you are ashamed of it and do not want to try it because you are not comfortable with it, you should read it further to have your questions answers. So be seated and enjoy reading about it.

English: Caucasian man in act of masturbation ...

English: Caucasian man in act of masturbation Deutsch: Nackter liegender Mann beim Masturbieren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because as you go ‘deeper’ in it you will enjoy more!The word masturbation derive from the latin manu strupare, which pretty much mean “to defile with the hand”, it´s a medical term for this practice, but in common speech are used terms such as “pleasuring oneself”, “fingering” and “jerking off”.

It’s an action for which not much is talked about. But masturbation is a very natural act in which you build a type of sexual relationship with yourself. In this relationship you find out and learn the things that please you.

How Boys Masturbate

Most of the man thinks that they don’t need to know about it as they already know it and almost 100% of the men do it well! Well if they know it well they should read it as there are still the important and interesting things you should know about it.

Most of the boys are seen which repent for the earlier masturbating activities thinking of that it is harmful for health. But I should clear here that Masturbation is Very a Healthy activity. It’s good because it enhances the blood circulation in the area and also helps against the accumulation of semen.

It’s also useful to use some lubrication like saliva or some moisturizing lotion, to maintain some fluidity whilst masturbation. That may feel you like an actual penetration process and you will enjoy the real fun!

Hence If you are single and are in a condition of sexual tension you can use your hands and with the help of some lubrication you can ‘quench your thirst’ of sexual desire. As girls may invite their partners while masturbating, boys can also have much fun when they use their partner’s body parts while masturbating.

You can of course invite your partner while masturbating or you can ask for the mutual masturbation in which both of you masturbate and watch the actions. By this a much excitement can be created and you can enjoy and get pleasured.

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