The cross-dressers have socially described sex but they are compelled to behave and act like the opposite gender. They cannot calm down their inner requirements. It is the opinion of cross-dressers that their souls are transmitted in the wrong bodies. They believe cross-dressing is the only way to get the recognition in the society as they like. Some of them avail the surgical options and transform themselves to an extent.

Through research, it has proved the cross-dresser can be divided into two groups. One group has a visible male identity but they try to adopt female characteristics. On the other hand, a female cross dresser has body like other girls but her inner self feels discomfort. She thinks herself as a guy and opts for male cross dresser makeup.

A male cross dresser.

A male cross dresser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If a female cross-dresser endeavor to adopt masculine features, she has to get some guidance.A female cross dresser has to select a man to follow with some similarity in her height and appearance. The breasts are the major issues for cross dresser as you cannot get manly appearance with large size boobs.

Purchase clothes to reduce the form of your breasts and give it a flat shape. The sports brais also recommended as it does not discriminate your body shape. The second most trouble creating area is hips because the women have good shape and padded hips. The cross-dresser panties are available to diminish the feminist features.

Male sex has broad shoulders along with straight ribs and chest area. The concept of padded shoulders, ribs and waist de-emphasize the female figure. It is preferred to select loose clothes to get manly appearance. Padding at the waist can be done to look realistic by adding bulk with extra fabric. Such kind of dresses is available in the online market. There are prosthetic devices available as well. It doesn’t take much, just enough to reduce the appearance of wider hips.

The use of perfect make up creates mannish features. You can get the broad shape of your eyebrows and the addition of facial hair gives a different facial appearance. Expose the hair on your arms, underarm and legs to grow to get the manly attributes.In fact, it is easy for a female transgender to get the appearance of male. What she has to do is the selection of clothes that cannot reveal her inner secrets. Our online websites can offer you cross-dressing with specific pads at shoulder and waist. It gives manly look to women.

More amazing is the use of special panties with an extended penis. The size and shape of the penis can be selected and we will send you our products with full secrecy. If you want to enjoy, you can purchase vibrators within the penis. The color can be matched to your skin tone. If you are not confirmed how to select your manly cross-dressing, you can get our assistance. Our professional team members guide the newcomers and provide the details regarding the selection of dressing and outlook