Hottest Sex Tips for Todays Women to Spice-Up Their Life

Women today are hard pressed for time, juggling office and house work together with exploring with their love and sex life. As a working woman you might not have the leisure of taking it slow. You would want your sex life to be hot, heavy and sexually satisfying right from the beginning.

love making

Many women would tell you how it takes months to find the right sexual intimacy and maximum pleasure. Men are usually reluctant to change their sexual techniques and sensitive to any hint to criticism in the bedroom. Thus you have to take control, and spice up your love and sex life and find better ways to make sex.

The first thing to know in your sex life is the art of seduction. Every man likes to be pleasured and pampered when they make sex. When you seduce a man, it will arouse him faster than you would expect. And it will also keep you in control. Set the atmosphere with candles, or be bold and leave a night lamp on. Play some sensual music, use scents and oils. Drinking some wine can also turn your man on and set the mood for love. Try out various things

You can bring something new to your lovemaking and strategies to make sex. The best way to find new techniques is through a good sex position and tricks manual. You can find many techniques and erotic idea at one place. Pick a guide which is easy to read and comprehend. And when the intimate moment comes you will never be unprepared to make sex.

Experiment with a few tricks at a time during love and sex, to see what gives your partner most pleasure. Using a few new techniques at a time will not overwhelm your partner. And he will be more inclined to relish and enjoy each new technique for the entire sex life.

Another turn-on for a man when you make sex is when the woman takes control. You could initiate lovemaking, by taking the dominant position, where the woman is on top. Your man will get to lie back and enjoy while you take control. This will add a new exciting element to your lovemaking.

You could also try role plays and dirty talking in the bedroom before going to make sex. This can add spice to your love and sex making and take it to a whole new dimension. Sometimes men get turned on when their women are little naughty and sensuous.

There are various sex toys, Free xxx videos and many other resources available for you and your man when you just want to go for enhancing pleasure. These turn on your pleasurable moments go more wild and naughty while you are about to make sex.

With these simple changes you can have the hot and satisfying sex life that you and your partner desire for love and sex. And it will make your relationship go stronger and more intimate for your entire sex life.