Many of the guys rarely know that women don’t like to have an orgasm all the time during sex. There arises the concept and need of foreplay which can give much pleasure during sex.

The point behind the foreplay is to have more pleasurable and enjoyable sexual experience with a long lasting adventure for both the partners. In this way you are making your partner ready for sex while finding out the things which will enable you to give your partner more powerful orgasms. But remember foreplay is not meant only for the pleasure for women but it is related to mutual feelings of both the partners.

While talking of foreplay we must understand the psychological and physical effects that it creates which are responsible for providing more pleasure during sex.

Tips for Performing  Foreplay

After talking about the Importance of Foreplay before sex it is clear that foreplay can bring a fantastic increment in the extent of pleasure we can have in performing sex.

You can perform various tricks while foreplay with your partner. The better tips for performing foreplay can give you the better results and hence more pleasure.

Here are also some of the Best Tips of performing Foreplay which can be used with your partner. These are very common and may be, most of you are aware of them.

But if not you have to try at least once and experience the charm of it.  Men and women use these tips, to reach the most remember-able and pleasurable orgasm they have and make it one of the best and superb orgasm they have.

Spanish:  it´s the famous tit-wank. A tit wank (or cleavage sex) is where the penis is placed between the breasts, and moved up and down.

There is no particular way to do this, although some people like to squeeze the breasts together while doing this or simultaneously massage the breasts (That´s in my opinion a very important thing in tit wanking!), along with the shaft and head of the penis.

Greek: almost the same as tit wank, the difference is the penis is not placed between the breasts but between the buttocks.

Tai: that technique is in my opinion not the most efficient one, but sex-fetishists usually love it. You place your penis between your partners feet and move your pelvis as in a sexual act.

Whichever your technique of foreplay is, the most important thing in masturbation is getting to know your body, to free your soul and relieving stress.

Alone or together with your partner try to enjoy it and free your mind! Well guys that´s it for today, I hope you liked our topic and feel always free to write me feed backs or comment here if you like to share any thing and any of your experiences regarding the foreplay and tricks used in performing it.