It has been seen that people in our society generally have partial information about the sex. Mostly this group of people is youngsters and young adults. They are seen more curious about knowing sex secrets and often seems to indulge in sex talks to learn more about it in deep.

There are also many of the sex myths, sex secrets and misconceptions that exist in our society. People however invent the myths and know the real facts as they go through their life.

Sex Myths and Sex Secrets

Sex making during period is safe

Often people believe that sex making during periods is absolutely safe and girl cannot get pregnant these days. This is a myth and should be cleared as this is not true in 100% of the cases. Usually a girl cannot become pregnant if she plays sex during period. But if you are having irregular periods you have the possibility to become pregnant.

Thinking of Same Sex Means I am Gay or Bisexual

Often people think of same sex and fantasies about them. We all think about it at some period of time in our lives. But this does not mean that we are Gay or Bisexual. Man thinking of man in any period or girl fantasies about any other girl at any time does not prove them as gay at all. May be there is something in them that makes you get attracted towards them. But if you think that you are getting attracted to every same sex whom you come across, you may certainly need a counselor.

Better Penis Size is the Real Pleasure

However there are most of the men who believes in it, this is not at all true in every case and for every woman. Better penis size is the real pleasure for woman but if you have really large sized penis it will be too hard for you to provide all the satisfaction your partner needs. Most important for you is to deal with your partner effectively and cool minded. Know the basic needs of your woman and the methods that make her most excited. Know the right spots like Clitoris, G-spot, entrance of vagina, etc. that gets her on. Use most exciting sex toys to get her excited.

Women needs hard and lot

It is generally believed that women is very desirous and need lots of foreplay and hard penetration before she gets satisfied. May be this is true for many, but this is not at all the case for all of the women. Men also generally believe that women need to have multiple orgasms to get satisfied. This is the real challenge for most of the men. If you can really give your woman more than one orgasm in a session you are really a true man. But getting with the myth that women need it every time is not true. Of course woman can have it but if she wants it she will definitely let you know about “once more”.

Breasts that are smaller are larger in sensitivity

This is a common myth that most of the men believe. However it is true that when you stimulate the smaller breasts you will see the sudden changes in it, which is not seen in larger breasts. Most important is to note that every human breast receives same number of sensory neurons regardless of their size. These can get stimulated more through nipples.

Men are Ever Ready for Sex

Love and sex is a topic that exists in our society and not every man and woman find it easy to talk in public. It is mostly assumed that men are always ready for the sex making and behaves like a hungry beast when they see their prey. But this is not at all true. After all men are also humans and they have their own emotions and feelings. Today there are many men who find themselves uneasy for sex making (may be due to stress, depression, workloads, etc.) and often need time before they can actually enjoy sex with their partner.