Better and Longer Sex with Some Best Tips

Better sex can be attained through different sex positions that you try out differently. For all the men who just love to play at those vaginal playgrounds, here are some sex secrets and tips that can make your love and sex even better.

Best sex positions if tried out correctly can help you to last longer in your play. You could be real winner by playing most and by enjoying most of the time while you are at play. To try out some of the best and different sex positions, need lots of confidence and will power. First of all you need to remember that you can actually do that, what you are trying to do.  You have to believe that you can do it perfectly.

Better Sex

If you are suffering from some sort of male disorders or ED, it may be possible that you may do not get satisfied by trying out these methods.

But otherwise you can get fully satisfied and make your woman satisfied as well. More you want is to be realistic and believe in yourself. Optimize your sex life and you can achieve it. Free sex sites are also the way which will help you achieve better performance when you are on bed with your partner.

Foreplay as a way to last longer

Foreplay is a part of sex that helps you to achieve pleasurable orgasm and sex. This helps you to last longer while having fun all the time you are dealing with your woman. Make your foreplay pleasurable and last longer if you want to have your sex making even last longer. You should make it the total body experience and a well formed pleasure for mind. It should not only the pleasure for your penis and her vagina.

Control your ejaculations

There are times when you need to get control. Figure out the points where you should have to control yourself for lasting longer. Trying out innovative and some best sex positions need lots of control from your part. Watch out the point when you feel like ejaculating. You have to learn the art of maintaining the erections as well so that you can control on your body for getting the complete pleasurable sex making. You have to avoid the premature ejaculations so that you get completely satisfied.

You should stop at the point and start it again from the start after the feeling has gone away. Try outing various times and then bringing the moment when the river goes flowing into the deep oceans and you will feel much relaxed and pleasurable.