The clitoris constitutes the ultimate sensitive component of the female genitals. Seated on top of the vulva, it holds the key to drive a woman crazy with ineffable sexual pleasure.

The internal anatomy of the human vulva, with ...

The internal anatomy of the human vulva, with the clitoral hood and labia minora indicated as lines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clitoris is a tiny organ resembling a pea and is protected by a layer of skin. Stimulating the tip will cause it to engorge and become erect.

Some little known facts about the clitoris:

a) The term ‘clitoris’ has its origin in Greek Language and translates to be ‘little hill’.

b) Clitoris is functionally equivalent to its male counterpart penis. The clitoris constructs itself out of the same erectile penile tissues. It is a gender adapted equal and is adorned with a shaft like penis with a small glans covered with foreskin. Use of sex toys can intensely stimulate the clitoris.

c) An average clitoris is dimensionally equal to a flaccid penis with the bigger concealed portion entombed inside the pelvis.

d) An amazing side to the clitoris is that it possesses double the quantity of nerve endings then the penis.

e) Clitoris is crucially responsible in driving a woman towards orgasm. A majority of women fails to climax while copulating, but rarely anyone fail to reach orgasm while the clitoris is stimulated.

f) Stimulating the clitoris will draw out similar frenzied amorous response from women as with getting the penis wanked in men. Marriage relationships will not turn out to be disappointing for women of they are stimulated with a dildo. This is a stress free, easy and quick way to get a woman climax.

g) The clitoris retraction starts at the stage when orgasm is in close proximity in future.

h) Clitoral orgasm has a prolonged gratification period than the supreme male orgasms.

i) The clitoris is a unique sexual part that is devoid of any reproductive roles.

j) The clitoris is the sole human organ that has been put in place exclusively for deriving sensual pleasure.

The aforementioned love and sex tips pertaining to clitoris must have rejuvenated the sexual drive in you. Stimulate the clitoris of your partner to send her into waves of ecstasy and ineffable sexual joy.