If you are looking for better sex making, better spots and locations matter the most for having a real fun, enjoyment and sexual pleasure. Now, you must be trying out the various sex making techniques in your room at the comfort of your home. But if you want to make sex somewhat different or new, here are some places and locations where you can make sex differently and newly.

Shower and Bathroom sex

You have an almost infinite number of options to make sex. Sex making will be made enjoyable, pleasurable and filled of fun when you try it with lots of ease and comfort. Many times people deals in sex making that are reasonably unappealing or dangerous.

You should therefore try the spots that are really hot and easy for making sex better. These new spots and locations only works better with your imagination and your willingness to try something new.

Water Beds in Your Room: Water Beds are most effective in giving you pleasurable sex making. Although these can create some aching problems for few, these are one of the fantastic places at the time of sex making.

Hot Tubs in A Bath: May be you do not own a bath tub. But it is one of the most awesome spot for Sex making and provides you the real pleasure of sex making.

Saunas Sex: Saunas are best of the hot places to make sex. It has heat and nudity all in their favor and can be tried out fantastically for making sex.

Shower and Bathroom sex: Shower sex in a bathroom is fantastically better place to provide you more pleasurable sex. Here you can hold her, lean on her, or can have that wonderful soapy bath together.

Make her seated on a stool and rub her soapy in the vagina. You both will be getting the real pleasure in a bathroom during the shower, which you have not ever experienced.

The back seat of a car: This can be a best place for you if you can’t find any spot for yourself in your home and want to try out se making privately. This may be little uncomfortable but will be exciting and innovative.

You can start with some sex talks and foreplay with your partner at the front seat and then come back for later work when it just becomes unbearable.